Make Shopping Count lets your supporters MAKE A DIFFERENCE as they shop online!

MAKING SHOPPING COUNT is an online retail marketplace that helps non-profits raise additional funds.
We create a customized, white label, e-commerce site for each not-for-profit organization.

As your supporters do their normal shopping online, a portion of their sales gets donated back to your charity… which Makes their Shopping COUNT!


Your non-profit's page is customized with your name, your logo, your introduction copy, and your unique page address...



Your supporters shop as usual but make it COUNT! They buy the same goods and services, at the same shops, for the same price... but a portion of the sales price comes back to your organization.


Make Shopping Count receives commissions from our store affiliates and we donate a portion back to our partner non-profits each month. The more your supporters shop, the more they raise.


Your supporters spend money every month shopping online. Beginning each shopping expedition from your Shop to Give page on can harness a portion of those sales for recurring revenue!


Link to us from your website, email signature, and newsletters. Email your base of supporters, volunteers, donors, and staff to sign up for free to help support your mission.
We'll take it from there.


Ongoing use of Make Shopping Count can really ramp up your fund raising. Get families to shop for the things they need everyday while supporting your important mission and enlisting small businesses can really make an impact!

Make Shopping Count boosts your fund raising.

Make Shopping Count non-profit partners make our marketplace available to their supporters. There is no cost to either the non-profit or it’s supporters.

Make Shopping Count users spend the same money they would otherwise spend, at the same stores they already trust, and at the same price they would have otherwise paid… but a portion of that money now goes back to their favorite charity!

Household Supporters Potential:

$ 0
$ 0

*Commissions vary across stores and products. Your average my differ.

As users of Make Shopping Count, your charity's supporters "shop to support" your mission.

MSC Users:

  • Comparison shop across a wide-range of stores for the best value, quickly and efficiently.
  • Save time and effort.
  • Appreciate that many of our stores have a brick-and-mortar presence that feeds into their local economy.
Make Shopping Count provides an alternative to supporting the big, monopoly online store or search engine. It's a virtual shop-local marketplace with a very real, local impact.

Small Business Owner Supporters Potential:

$ 0
$ 0

*Commissions vary across stores and products. Your average my differ.

Make Shopping Count can boost your fund raising!

It's the best way to implement "Shop to Support".

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

How does this work?

When your supporters begin their shopping session online at your Make Shopping Count page, they branch off to any of hundreds of retailers including Walmart, Office Depot & Office Max, Best Buy, Macy's, Kroger, and many more. The links transmit a tracking code that identifies MSC and our charity partner.

MakeShoppingCount has affiliate agreements with the retailers so we receive a commission (which ranges from 0%-20% depending on the retailer and products or services). We collect that revenue and share it with our charity partners.

How do we get started?

Signing up is easy and free. Contact us via email or use the contact form below. Our Development team will collect some information and we can have your page up and running in just a few days.

We provide link code so you can easily add our site link to your HOW TO HELP or SHOP TO SUPPORT page. We'll also provide code for adding your Make Shopping Count link to your email signature file as well.

Finally, we ask that you send out an email to your list of supports, donors, members, volunteers, and staff. A sample email will be provided or you can craft your own.

How can our supporters maximize this benefit?

  1. We recommend everyone bookmark your charity's MakeShoppingCount page.
  2. Supporters can register with us on their first visit.
  3. Every time they shop online, the session needs to begin at the MakeShoppingCount page in order for the purchases to be tracked and accredited.
  4. Shoppers can search for products across all of our stores (comparison shop for the best price, etc.) or choose the store of their choice.
  5. Shoppers use their existing accounts at their favorite stores, they just need to begin at our page, the link to their favorite store to shop.
  6. Most families spends 100's of dollars each month online. Small business owners often spend 1000's. Reminding your supporters regularly to use your page at MakeShoppingCount can pay real dividends!